Add-On Events in Perth

Talks and Q&As 

Rio Tinto Pre-Show Talks

Black Swan offers a pre-show talk before one performance of each mainstage play in our 2016 season. The 30-minute pre-show talks are a conversation with one or more members of the creative team involved in a production (director, designers) and sometimes feature one of the cast members or a special guest. The speaker(s) will give audience members some background information about the play and their role in creating the production, and audience members will also have the opportunity ask the speaker(s) their own questions.

To find out when the Rio Tinto Pre-Show Talk is for a particular production, please go to the "Prices & Dates" page for that production. Pre-show talks are also listed on Ticketek.

Post-Show Q&As

Black Swan also offers post-show Q&A sessions after one performance of each play in our 2016 season. Post-show Q&As give audience members the opportunity to speak to available members of the cast and creative team about the production. This is a chance for you to share your thoughts about a production and ask any questions that you may have. Moreover it is an opportunity for you to get more out of your visit to the theatre, for free. The Q&As are usually led by a Black Swan staff member and some or all of the cast - sometimes the director is also available. A few questions will be asked on stage and then it's your turn - all questions welcome.

To find out when the post-show Q&A is for a particular production, please go to the "Prices & Dates" page for that production. Post-show Q&As are also listed on Ticketek.


Special Access Events

Audio Description Performances

Audio Description captures the visual elements of theatre performances by describing the ‘unheard’ aspects that are essential to understanding a story line. This service brings theatre to life for people who are blind or vision impaired. Users of the service are given a small earpiece and receiver through which they hear a trained volunteer provide commentary that complements the theatre experience by offering live descriptions of a play's visual elements, like set, costumes and action. Throughout the play, concise descriptions of actions, expressions and gestures are transmitted during gaps between the dialogue of the on-stage actors. Black Swan offers audio description services at the following 2016 performances:

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock, Saturday 16 April 2.15pm
  • Angels in America, Saturday 18 June 2.15pm
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Saturday 13 August 2.15pm
  • Clinton: The Musical, Saturday 10 Septmber 2.15pm
  • Tartuffe, Saturday 5 November 2.15pm


Captioned Performances

Theatre Captioning is an accurate text display of a theatre performance in its entirety, including actors' dialogue, ad libs, asides, song lyrics, musical descriptions and other sound effects. As the captions roll (delivered live from a laptop computer by a trained captioner) audience members can follow what is said, when it is said and by whom. The captioning at the State Theatre Centre is done by the GoTheatrical! (TM) team at the Captioning Studio; more information can be found here. Black Swan offers captioning services at the following 2016 performances:

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock, Wednesday 13 April 7.30pm
  • Angels in America, Wednesday 15 June 7.30pm
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Wednesday 10 August 7.30pm
  • Clinton: The Musical, Wednesday 7 September 7.30pm
  • Tartuffe, Wednesday 2 November 7.30pm