Teacher Professional Learning

We welcome bookings from Department of Education, AISWA, Catholic Education or home school educators anytime, anywhere and tailored to your needs. All participants receive a certificate of participation, which can be used towards professional learning requirements. We can tailor our workshops to suit any group and ability level.

All workshops cost $190/hour incl. GST, plus mileage
[If you wish to hold your workshop at the State Theatre Centre, room hire charges may apply.]

Maximum 25 people

Bookings: email your enquiry four weeks before the desired date to


Original Solo Performance
Transform ideas into a dramatic piece and a character. Clear structure is established to enable teachers to guide their students as they take their chosen character/s on a journey from beginning to resolution. Performance styles, dramatic elements and stagecraft will be addressed.

Learn to better assist students with the process of selecting, creating and presenting a monologue. Concentrate on a monologue placed in the context of the scene and the play from which it is drawn. Identify key lines of dialogue, the climax of the piece and the character’s motivations. Appropriate performance styles and choices are discussed and applied in order to effectively realise the character in performance.

Actors often get bound to scripts and lost in text interpretation and they forget to create. Improvisation frees the actor to explore characters, narrative and connections. Unlock your students’ spontaneity, creativity, character generation, scene building, narrative structure and enhance their preparations for their tasks and examinations.

Physical Theatre
Physical theatre describes a mode of performance that pursues storytelling or drama through primary and secondary physical and mental means. Based around discovery, participants work within their own boundaries and limitations, go beyond their own expectations, spending time stretching, talking, moving, manipulating objects and each other.

Voice Care & Control
Suitable for anyone with an interest in knowing their body and their voice, working on breath control, resonance and vocal projection and developing clearer, stronger speech.

Drama for Fun 
Suitable for all ages and abilities, participants will stretch their bodies and imaginations as they play popular drama games and create characters while having lots of fun.


Design Workshops (Set, Costume, Lighting or Sound)
Assist students with production design elements when working on a production. Concentrating on the design element specified by the teacher and placed in the context of a full production, discussing the role of the designer and their part in the team. Identify key aspects of the design element and the responsibilities of the designer.

Production Management (Production Management, Stage Management or Arts Management)
Assist students with production management elements when working on a production. Concentrating on the management element specified by the teacher and placed in the context of a full production, students will discuss the role of the manager and their part in the whole team. Identify key aspects of the management element and the responsibilities of the manager.

Arts Marketing (Duration: 1 hour)
Assist students with the process involved in marketing a performing arts production. Our visiting tutor will concentrate on the marketing element specified by the teacher and will place the element in the context of a full production.


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