For Artists

Resident Artists Program

THis year-long program is for a select group of mid-career artists who are engaged with the company over the course of the year. You might see them on stage or hear their music in a production. Resident artists each have a unique skill set including choreography, music, design, acting, dramaturgy and fight choreography. They use their skills to mentor other artists in the company, identify and champion talented artists working outside the company, provide ongoing support to productions throughout the rehearsal process and provide verbal and written peer assessment. They advocate for their artistry and their fellow artists, and are a sounding board for the artistic leaders with the company.

The Resident Artists for 2016 are:

  • Mark Howett - Resident Designer
  • Lawrie Cullen-Tait - Resident Designer
  • Hellie Turner - Resident Writer
  • Luke Hewitt - Resident Actor 
Supported in part by the Ian Potter Foundation