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The Rio Tinto Black Swan Commissions

The White Divers of BroomeThrough collaboration with our Principal Partner, Rio Tinto, Black Swan has created a research and development wing of the company that offers commissions, dramaturgy and workshops for new work. The new work that is created through the commissioning program takes various forms. Occasionally, Black Swan offers a substantial commission to a writer of national stature to deliver a script that we are convinced, based on the writer’s track record, will go straight to the main stage. Other writers are offered a commission because we would like to see how they intend to develop an idea that intrigues us or because we would like to foster an ongoing relationship and we want the playwright to continue writing.

To date the Rio Tinto Black Swan Commissions have produced seven works: Suzie Miller's Dust (2014), Aidan Fennessy's National Interest (2012), Hilary Bell's The White Divers of Broome (2012), and Hannie Rayson's The Swimming Club (2010); and The Red Balloon (2015) by Albert Lamorisse, adapted by Hilary Bell, The House on The Lake (2014) by Aidan Fennessy, and The Damned (2011) by Reg Cribb receiving their world premieres in the Studio Underground. Writers currently under commission include Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Chris Isaacs, Zoe Pepper, and Hellie Turner. We look forward to sharing the fruits of their work with you over the coming years!