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State Theatre Centre Accessibility

Access Guide to the State Theatre Centre

Black Swan State Theatre Company actively engages with our community and is committed to developing our programs and services to help increase our accessibility to everyone in the community.



Audio Description Service and Tactile Tours
An Audio Description Service for blind or vision impaired patrons is also offered for certain performances. Patrons are required to arrive at the venue at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to the performance in order to collect their equipment and be comfortably seated. The AD service starts 10 minutes prior to performance commencement so that the set and other elements can be described or sections of the programme can be read to patrons.

Tactile tours may also be provided as part of the Audio Description service and the purpose of the tour is to give patrons an understanding of the costumes and stage set. Patrons will be escorted onto the set so they get an idea of the dimensions and will be able to touch the props being used on stage. Patrons will also be able to handle the costumes being worn by the actors. While the tour is taking place the audio describers will describe where the different props are located on stage and what colour, shape and material has been used for the costumes.

All Black Swan mainstage productions have Audio Described performances on particular dates. They are:

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock, Saturday 16 April 2.15pm
  • Angels in America, Saturday 18 June 2.15pm
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Saturday 13 August 2.15pm
  • Clinton: The Musical, Saturday 10 Septmber 2.15pm
  • Tartuffe, Saturday 5 November 2.15pm
Dinner, Saturday 21 March 2.15pm
Glengarry Glen Ross, Saturday 30 May 2.15pm
Blithe Spirit, Saturday 25 July 2.15pm 
Extinction, Saturday 26 September 2.15pm
Next to Normal, Saturday 14 November 2.1


Assistance Animals
Guide dogs or any animals trained to assist people with disabilities are welcome inside all areas of the State Theatre Centre. To ensure appropriate seating is allocated, please inform Ticketek at the time of booking.



Assisted Hearing System
The State Theatre Centre has been equipped with a Sennheiser Infra Red Assisted Hearing System to assist those who are hard of hearing or who have hearing aids. The hearing system is installed in the Heath Ledger Theatre as well as the Studio Underground. The audio for this system comes from two infrared transmitter boxes located at the top of the proscenium arch on each side of the stage.

This system can be used by anyone who would like the sound on stage amplified. The system has two types of receivers: an “in ear” headset for people without hearing aids, and an “induction” necklace for people with hearing aids. (The hearing aid must be set to the T position.)

Receivers for this service must be collected from the Front of House Manager prior to the performance start and must be returned to the Front of House Manager at the end of the performance. Please inform Ticketek at the time of booking if you require an assisted hearing system.

Captioned Performances
Patrons with hearing impairments can attend a performance where captions of the script of the play will be displayed on a screen. Captioning at the State Theatre Centre is done by Go Theatrical by The Captioning Studio; more information can be found here. All Black Swan mainstage productions have captioned performances on particular dates. They are:

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock, Wednesday 13 April 7.30pm
  • Angels in America, Wednesday 15 June 7.30pm
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Wednesday 10 August 7.30pm
  • Clinton: The Musical, Wednesday 7 September 7.30pm
  • Tartuffe, Wednesday 2 November 7.30pm



The State Theatre Centre is accessible to patrons with impaired mobility. It is recommended that patrons with special requirements state their needs when booking their tickets.

Box Office
The Box Office for ticket collection is located on the lower floor and is wheelchair accessible from The Courtyard and via a ramp from the entrance at the corner of William Street and Roe Street. 

Theatre Access & Accessible Seating
Wheelchair seating is available and easily accessible in the Heath Ledger Theatre and the Studio Underground, with lifts serving the Main Foyer and Studio levels.

The Lower Stalls, Upper Stalls and Dress Circle seating of the Heath Ledger Theatre are all accessible via lifts. The Heath Ledger Theatre has 22 removable seats in the stalls and three in the circle for wheelchair seating.

The Studio has wheelchair seating locations available both on the flat floor and in the gallery.

Please check at the time of booking to find out what wheelchair seating is available as this may change with each production.

Accessible Toilets
Wheelchair accessible toilets are located on Basement 1 & 2, Level 2, and Level 4 and in The Courtyard. The Heath Ledger Theatre toilets also contain automated doors for easy entry and exit.


Other Information

Accessible Transport and Parking
It is recommended that patrons requiring special assistance at train and bus stations contact Transperth on 1800 800 022 (24 hour service).

Pick up and Drop off Points
Pick up and set down only points are available on William Street close to the main entrance of the venue. This area is also classed as a Taxi Zone when not being used for parking.

ACROD Parking
There are three City of Perth parking locations in close proximity to The Centre which all contain ACROD bays:
    * State Library Car Park, 15 Francis Street, which has 7 ACROD bays
    * The Cultural Centre Car Park, 2 Roe Street, which has 4 ACROD bays
    * Roe Street Car Park, 68 Roe Street, which has 5 ACROD bays

Companion Card
Black Swan State Theatre Company recognises the Companion Card for all performances. Companion cardholders will not be required to pay for the cost of tickets for their carer. Please let Ticketek know you possess a companion card at the time of booking your tickets.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
The State Theatre Centre has a cloak room in which jackets and bags can be stored. Small sized bags can be taken into the theatre and place either on your lap or stowed away underneath your chair. Large bags will not be allowed in the theatre as these pose risks to the safety of all patrons when entering and exiting the theatre.