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Sometimes make believe is the only way to make sense of the world.

Lally Katz emerged from the Melbourne indie theatre scene to become one of Australia's hottest playwrights, and is currently one of the most performed nationally. An award-winning hit at the New York International Fringe Festival, The Eisteddfod explores the nostalgic childhood world of orphaned siblings Abalone and his sister, Gerture. They are inseparable and love to play games together.


Abalone’s passion for amateur dramatics is a growing obsession, however Gerture’s interest in the imaginary worlds they create to stave off boredom is beginning to wane. But there is one final role-playing game Abalone thinks will bring his sister around and be sure to win him the ultimate prize – that first place ribbon at the Eisteddfod, with their rendition of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.


Lally Katz's disembodied voice leads the audience on a comic and somewhat unsettling journey. It is an intricate story, deftly told and an exciting, unpredictable production about the drama of growing up.




A Black Swan Lab Production


The Eisteddfod was originally developed and produced by Stuck Pigs Squealing Theatre Company in Australia. 

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  • Brendan Ewing
  • Natalie Holmwood

Directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Sound Designer
Brett Smith
Set & Costume Designer
Tyler Hill
Lighting Designer
Lucy Birkinshaw
  • Dates

    22 Jun - 9 Jul
  • Venue

    Studio Underground
  • Duration

  • Warning

    Strong adult themes, explicit language, ages 16+
  • Black Swan Lab Partner

  • Philanthropy Partner

  • Philanthropy Partner