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Like me, most of our acclaimed artists began their career as independents. Black Swan continually invests in the next generation of performers and storytellers. We do this through programs that support artists and open new doors on their career path.

But ticket sales generate less than 25% of our much needed income to make these programs possible, which is why we rely on your generous support.

By making a tax-deductible donation this financial year, you can Back Black Swan, and artists like Chris Isaacs, Andrea Gibbs, and Grace Chow whose stories are inspiring. You can watch below.

As we emerge from the challenges of COVID and our borders are reopened, there has never been a better time to invest in the future of Western Australia’s cultural identity.

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Artistic Director, Black Swan

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Andrea Gibbs' Story

When you #BackBlackSwan, you’re helping open new doors for artists to be courageous, tell new stories, and help people feel that human connection that is so unique to live theatre.

Without the support of the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and City of Perth, initiatives like the Funny Girl program wouldn’t exist. And without Funny Girl, there’d be no opportunity for female stand-up comedians like Andrea Gibbs to write a new West Australian story. No valuable mentoring and guidance from Black Swan’s dramaturg or Artistic Director. No access to some of WA’s best actors for table reads that helped develop her story for the mainstage. And ultimately, no Barracking for the Umpire - the first play funded by the program set to hit the stage this October at Subiaco Arts Centre.

Your generosity has given Andrea the opportunity to be courageous, share a story that’s close to her heart, and help shape our unique cultural identity in Western Australia.

You can support artists like Andrea by giving


Covers the cost of photocopying a script for a script development week


Provides a commissioned playwright a live read of their play by actors


Gifts a commissioned playwright a week's script development with actors and a dramaturg

Grace Chows' Story

Starting out as a young artist can be both thrilling and terrifying. It’s a competitive industry with limited pathways for artists like Grace Chow. Opportunity is everything. Sometimes it’s that one career break that can set you on a completely new path.

Grace seized that opportunity with Black Swan when she debuted in the site specific 1980s spin on the Chekhov classic The Cherry Orchard, that was part of Perth Festival. This opened the door to an exciting opportunity to star in Black Swan’s upcoming season of Oil, an explosive play by Ella Hickson out of London about empire, history and motherhood.

For Grace, Black Swan has played a formative role in her career. Your generous support makes world-class theatre possible in WA, which has given talented local artists like Grace life-changing opportunities to launch their careers.

You can support artists like Grace by giving


Buys artists coffees to fuel a creative development session


Supports actors rehearsing a Black Swan play with an hour of voice coaching


Gives an emerging director the experience of being an assistant director for a day on a Black Swan production

Chris Isaacs' story

Chris Issacs has enjoyed a long career with Black Swan. From his early days as part of the Emerging Writer’s Program, to his current role as Black Swan Resident Artist, Chris has developed into one of WA’s most talented actors, writers and devisors.

In 2014 he wrote Flood, and later spent four years with fellow Resident Artist Ian Michael co-writing the script for York, the powerhouse play shortlisted for the Nick Enright Prize for Playwriting award that performed to sold-out audiences at Heath Ledger Theatre. And it’s all thanks to the generosity of those who #BackBlackSwan.

With your donations, Black Swan is able to create programs and initiatives that open doors to new career opportunities for artists like Chris.

You can support artists like Chris by giving


Employs a stage manager for a day


Provides an emerging designer a full-day workshop


Supports the Black Swan Resident Artist program for a month